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Thursday 12 April 2012

Battleship + Food

Battleship! Ever heard of that?! Well, you got it right... It's the latest movie out in town & thanks to ChurpChurp, I've been given the opportunity to watch this movie premiere 1st hand in Malaysia on the 10th April 2012 @ Mid Valley!

Yeah! Baby!! The Battleship premiere screening tickets!! WooHoo!!

First.. we went for dinner once we've collected our tickets at the ChurpChurp booth... We went to this Korean restaurant nearby, its right above a Taiwanese Restaurant the stairway up to this Korean restaurant is in between Carl's Jr. & Taiwanese Restaurant. Just had this urge to feast on Korean food @ Kyung-Joo Restaurant!

 So we ordered a Bi Bim Bab Beef - RM18.90 (Not sure if its da right spelling ahaha) & the Kimchi Noodle Soup - RM13.90 (it's like maggi!) But we lurve their Honey Lemon Soda (RM5.90) ! Awesome!

As usual, all Korean restaurant will serve their side dishes... I think it's part of the culture? Anyway, those are like bottomless but don't get too greedy and over-top it up... Hehe...

The food here is 1 word... Authentic! Like a true Korean cuisine (not that I've ever tried it but do plan to go to Korea 1 day soon...)

Woooooooooooooookkkeeeeeeeeeyyyyy!! Back to Battleship baby!

This movie ain't about some dumb aliens invading earth & what not, bla bla bla...

But it's about something that actually if u think about it, it could be true in real life... Communication to another planet by sending a signal through the satellites to see if there's life on other planets around the solar system...  
So if you think this movie is about these alien (like the above) u're not entirely wrong but still not quite there yet...

 If you think this movie is about Rihanna? Well, you could be right "IF" you're an avid fan of hers... But I bet pretty much everyone was just curious if Rihanna can really ACT! It is her first time on a movie, no? Hmmm beats me... But her acting skills are natural and funny at times too... I bet we can expect more of her in the big screens in the next few months/years to come...

Is this movie about Taylor? Well, he definitely did great in John Carter, he has killer body and manly stare... But he's a funny character in this movie alright... Haha! Just like he was in John Carter Movie! I love the part where he gets the "Art Of War" wrongly misinterpreted but still end up saving the world with him clumsy ideas ahahha...

Finally, is this movie about Alexander? Well, it depends too... But I bet it is for me!! I mean look at him! His awe-gazing eyes... His to-die-for body and his posture is to manly enough that you can view from far!! He is sizzling HOT!! When he gets mad, it gets better! (Okay Im nuts ahahhaa)

 Look at him!!! Just look at him! No questions asked! I am in lurve with him!

He's so refined, cool and manly!

He just fits so well into the uniforms too! I won't mind falling into the ocean just so he could rescue me! His whole character in the movie (to what I feel) is a responsible, down-to-earth, gentlemen, loyal, reasonable & protective! I actually liked him since seeing him on True Blood Season 1 - Season 5...

Well, that's about it! You wanna know more then head to the cinema near you! What you waiting for!

I give this movie ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 ♥+1 Ratings!! Love it! ♥
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