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Friday 27 January 2012

Food for ALL

Hear ye', hear ye'... Food for all summarized by yours truly and all !!HALAL!!

Great Food + Environment + Affordable + Once In Awhile + Friends + Family + Lovers

Mushroom soup with chips, Ice coffee latte and Ice lemon tea! These are just starters! You’ll also see some main course meals, desserts and more appetizers in the 3rd picture… Their portion are HUGE! So try not to over order like I do… Lolx… Nevertheless, thanks to my frequent visits here, I especially recommend this place to family, friends and lovers!~

This ain’t some every other day “Ramly” burger at the road-side… These are some AWESOME-tasting burger which is a MUST-HAVE! I don’t really know what time they open or close… I know that they always sell-out fast and usually open at night (around dinner time like 8pm onwards till 10pm/11pm/sold out)… Non-oily, fresh, tasty, neat, juicy and still non-oily RAMLY BURGER! Cool-huh! They even have DELIVERY for big events I guess…
Located at USJ 15 shoplots right next to Wawasan School in Subang Jaya (behind is Goodyear Court 10), facing the main road (opens right infront of 7eleven)

I’ve mentioned this in “My Valentine’s 2011” post. The Tennessee main course is a MUST-HAVE, their special Tennessee sauce is just sweet and awesome. Btw, do try out the Fried Mac & Cheese (WARNING: If you don’t like cheese or a small eater or on diet, try avoiding this dish…), also try “Clam Chowder Soup” and “Chicken wings!”… It makes you crave for more!
Details : Only at TGIF’s nationwide!~

Swensen’s Banana Float… My parents favourite hangout… Nowadays, you hardly see Swensen’s restaurant in full throttle but they’re still around no-less, their ice-cream is awesome but Baskin Robbins still beat them to the variety…
Details : Swensen

Le Meridien, Kuala Lumpur – In-Room Dining! I love their soup, I think it’s mushroom or chicken but it comes with bacon-bits and it’s a wonderful crunching match! I featured this in my blog too… “Le Méridien, Kuala Lumpur
Details : Le Méridien

Amazingly, I featured this in my blog “Le Méridien, Kuala Lumpur” unfortunately, I think this place is a so-so gathering place… The food is alright… Maybe it’s the location… The one in Wisma UOA is just 50-50 there. I won’t recommend this place neither will I condemn this place. It’s just an “OKAY” place to go for food and social gatherings. You want awesome buffet then try Jogoya OR Tenji OR Shogun. (Ps. Saisaki and Shogun is the same company but the quality is definitely much more visible in Shogun)

Awesome place for dining! For all occasions possible. Their mixed grill is like no other… There’s MEAT LOAF in it, it’s not common in other western steak house I know off, especially in Mixed Grill sets… The best thing about this place is the water is FOC and there’s lemon in the water too… Plus they give out on-the-house garlic bread basket as starter for every single table. I just love this place… Really warm environment, homey feeling and you’ll feel like you’re in some foreign country in the outskirts. MY ALL-TIME FAVOURITE!! THE BEST!!
Location :
Logenhaus Restaurant Roast & Grill
50, Jalan Usj 10/1B, Subang Jaya 47620, Selangor
TEL: 603-56350733
FAX: 603-56350733
Same row as Maybank near some fruit shops. Right opposite Starbucks/Old Town Kopitiam Signature.

Have you tried this out yet? I doubt so… This is the CONEPIZZA, whoever invented this is a genius! Pizza in a cone… Who would’ve thought this could actually sell!! Funny though, not many actually queue for this… I find it interesting the way they fit all the ingredients in layer by layer till it’s packed and toasted. It’s a great delicacy for all, even kids! But it’s for snacks though… Unless you’re as crazy like me to actually buy half a dozen with different variety of fillings to eat all for lunch… (Ho-ho-ho)
Details : Italian Cone Pizza

Epic! Keropok Lekor aka Fried Fish Sticks and RAMLY burger @ the beach!!! In Redang of course… Back then 4 yrs ago, it was not easy to come along these delicacy and sinful snacking… But today, they’ve done alot to the place and there’s more things to do, see and eat… Good getaway holiday. Read up on my blog post on “Redang, the good times”…

Dinner at Hilton has been amazing! Good service, definitely quality at its best! Their in-room dining is spectacular… Even their breakfast buffet is to die for! Read more in my blog post “My Birthday, The Element Of Surprise!
Details : Life @ Hilton KL

Sno… I can’t stand it!!!!! I either chose the wrong drink of the menu or the combination is just BAD!! It sweeeettt!! Its… It makes me wanna puke!! Neither me nor my boyfriend likes this… There’s a first time for everything… This is definitely the first… AND last… BUT don’t fret! It might suit your tastebuds instead… Just try not too drink too much of this… It’s high in everything bad (sugar + calories), imagine how thick this drink gets when you add 2 to 3 types of your favourite snack bars like milo, crunch, snaps, kit kat, oreo, cornflakes and etc etc etc… I can’t take it… I barely finished it…WAIT, 1 thing worth mentioning is, you order via the touch-menu (its an iPad obviously) and pick and mix your own drink, price varies by the choices you make… So you really design your own drink… They have pre-designed drinks for your selection to fit your budget like RM8 etc etc… We went for those and failed horribly! Try designing your own instead…

IKEA @ Mutiara Damansara! Meeeaattbbaaalllsss! Yea, you heard me! Meatballs! Chicken Drumstick! Poached Salmon! Those are their specialty! Their sauces make wonders to their food… I love their meatball (it’s beef, btw) with the brown gravy and raspberry jam, awesome combination! I even went downstairs to buy 1 packet of frozen swedish meatballs, 1 jar of raspberry jam and 2 packet of brown gravy powder. You can actually make it at home for 4 pax based on the amount above and it tastes the same!! You can’t take away the the food there though… They don’t have any packaging for you to “take-away”… So it’s basically dine-in only. But worth the queue! Just worth it! Only RM16 for 20 meatball now on offer!!

Okay, this is not fresh but it still tastes good! These are Keropok Losong (google to translate it… I have no idea how to translate it…Smile with tongue out) I bought these freshly made at Terengganu - check my blog " Redang, the good times". You can keep it frozen, take it out, defrost it then you can cut it up into bite size pieces, boil it (then eat it straight away OR), fry it after its boiled. It’s a very Malaysian delicacy? I just love it!! But recently I found Bangkok has it! Kinda rare but it's along the road there opposite Platinum mall and it’s so fresh, crispy and CLEAN!! The best! But still Malaysia has its perks around this delicacy, I just need to find it… Hehe
Location :
KY Food Industries ( M ) Sdn Bhd
140, Kampung Losong Haji Su,
21000 Kuala Terengganu,
TEL : (6)09 - 622 5020
Tropicana Golf & Country Resort Ramadhan Buffet! Well, my boyfriend gotten some free vouchers from a relative so he took us out… Me, his mum and his younger bro. Firstly, you need to make a booking since it’s in the month of Ramadhan…. Then arrive there on time or earlier and you would need to wait till the food is ready. Grab your plates and queue for the food and mostly are authentic Asian cuisines (mix). BUT do not eat first! Wait until everyone else starts eating, then you eat… Reason being, is to show respect to the Malays as they’ve been fasting and can only eat from 7pm – 5am?? Depending on location, there’s a different time to follow. Overall, the buffet here is so-so… I don’t have much favourites out of their variety, I do feel like they simply cook the meals as long as you can taste it then good enough. No special aroma or any of such. Mainly ‘cause when you’re hungry, who cares right? I do love their soup, they have 3 choices – Ox tail soup, Lamb Soup & Beef soup. All 3 is awesome! I love the Lamb soup most… Over here it’s called “Kambing soup” mmm-mm.. Enjoy!

Delicacies!! Found @ Sunway Pyramid… Interesting concept yet again. You usually find this pancake type of snack at night markets aka pasar malam but over here, you get to choose your ingredients. Something like “Hot WrapZ” but smaller like pancake. At night markets you get this with only 2-3 flavours which are peanuts, corn & sugar… Over here, you choose ham, sausage, bacon, egg and etc etc… there’s a name for each with different fillings just like “Hot WrapZ”. My opinion, worth the try but not worth the price…
Details : Jerry's Pancakes

Chicken Cheese & Egg Croissant with Ice Latte and Cocoa donut. My favourite is the Croissant! Apart from Subways, Dunkin Donuts serves mouth-watering croissants to fill my tastebuds hehe… Sadly they have major competitors on donuts though (Krispy Kreme – Orea flav, my fav) but their croissant is to beat! Subway serves great sandwiches too but we need to opt. for variety out there besides Subway right? Hehe… Anyway, do try it out. Especially that “Chicken Cheese & Egg”, you won’t regret it! Oh, it must be on a croissant to bring out more mouth-watering flavour because Croissant are buttered, crispy and flaky too !
Details : Dunkin Donuts

Lot LG 078, Lower GF, 
Jalan Lingkaran Syed Putra, 
Mid Valley Megamall, 
Mid Valley , Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603)22827240
Opening Hours Daily: 8a.m–10p.m

2011-11-28 08.22.28
Food for thought… Breakfast at Peppercorn Cafe @ SS15. This cafe has been around for years! Since I was like 8 yrs old my dad will bring me here for breakfast! Very warm environment, homey-style and their food is at its right portion serving what western cuisine shops should normally serve. It’s like walking right in to a suburban cafe in town owned by a friendly and warm family that cooks up homecooked meals to your satisfaction. I just love this place, really worth the try! It’s been over 15 yrs and this place still rocks!!
Location :
Peppercorn Café 
No 21, Jalan SS15/4, 
Subang Jaya, 
47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. 
TEL : 603 5631 1808

Business Hours: 
Monday to Thursday: 8:00am to 3:00pm 
Friday and Saturday: 8:00am to 3:00pm & 6:00pm to 10:00pm 
Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday

“French Village + Farms a plenty = Bukit Tinggi” Check out my blog post to find out more…

Korean lunch at Times Square with Rachel (buy specs)
Yum yum, korean! I came here like 3 times so far, it’s near Cold Storage at Berjaya Times Square. I love it here, you get that authentic korean feeling like you’re really in korea! Basically the way the seatings are, the layout and even the owner is korean! You can even find korean customers here too. I like it here, their menu has so many varieties and you don’t need to fly to korea to taste these cuisines. It’s right under your nose before you know it.
Location :
Sopoong Korean Food
LG71, Berjaya Times Square
No.1, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
TEL: 603 2141 0224

PS. The only thing I failed to capture is the PRICE!~ But do google up these places and you'll find many many other bloggers that has much more details than me... Sorry... "Sobs"

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