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Friday, 11 December 2015

Kim Gary @ Sunway Pyramid (Worthy Book)

It's been any years since I've been to Kim Gary @ Sunway Pyramid. And I have a reason to go there today!

Dinner with my family is always a blessing!

Now it's furthermore a blessing because I get to save more!
I ordered my old time favourite western mixed set A! My most complete meal everytime at Kim Gary!

The Bosch soup is always the best! Creamy, not too milky, just right, sweet with corns in it and got ham!

Ice Honey Lemon is always the best comfort drink ever!

My complete meal! Western Mixed set A, comes with fried eggs, spaghetti/rice/fries (I chose spaghetti), sausage, ham, salad, chicken chop, pork chop & cream/black pepper/mushroom (I chose black pepper sauce)

We used the 10% off total bill voucher and manage to save as additional RM5.44!

I'm so excited to see what's next on my menu right up till 2016!

Read up more on how much I have saved with this book!
Juice Works @ Tropicana City Mall

Visit their Facebook or Website for more info!


cindyrina said...

food at kim gary always look good to me but i can't eat at this place. Great savigns with worthy book

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Too bad I always forgot to bring the coupon with me to Kimgary! But it is a good coupon anyway

GengQian said...

nice book. been following your post, looking forward to hear from you more!

Nicholas Ng said...

Kim gary has one of my favourite dishes. Not too pricey as well.

Sin Yee said...

I have forgotten how long ago was my last visit to Kim Gary... Great to have worthy book coupon for discount!