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Saturday 19 December 2015

Three Little Pig & The Big Bad Wolf @ Tropicana City Mall (Worthy Book)

Three Little Pig & The Big Bad Wolf, have always been lingering around my Facebook timeline for months and almost a year? I only get to see pictures but never had the chance to try it myself!

Well now I do!

Thanks to my trusty "Worthy Book", it is now my food source that helps me save more while I enjoy my meals!

I ordered the "Mighty Piggy Burger" using the voucher to get a free "Carrot Bacon" soup 
(worth RM15)!
However, they were out of the "Carrot Bacon" soup and exchanged to the "Potato Leek" soup.

The soup is YUMMY!! Super delicious, full, rich and creamy!

Then finally the "Might Piggy Burger" came! It did not disappoint me at all! Shared this with my mum for lunch and we were both satisfied to the last bite!

My total savings from Worthy Book today is RM15!
I'm so excited to see what's next on my menu right up till 2016!

Read up more on how much I have saved with this book!
Juice Works @ Tropicana City Mall

Visit their Facebook or Website for more info!


  1. Cool! heard a lot about the place. and im glad you managed to save a few RM with the worthy book :D

  2. Wah, the burger is so expensive one. >.< hey, mind telling me how to get that worthy book?

    1. U can get it at any bookstores nearby like mph/popular. U can also order online at even 7eleven also got sell hehe... Only cost rm29.90 per book

  3. whoa!!! one mighty bill for burger too. Worthy book definitely worth it! Especially in this kind of economy where we need to save more.

  4. i've yet to try this place.. have heard lots about it though. Thanks for the review :d

  5. Wow can get so many discount by using worthy book! I tried using their voucher in this cafe too =D

  6. RM15 saving is such a great deal!!

  7. wow got such book to use, worthy lo!
    shall let my frens know of this coz they love to dine

  8. yeah! so cute the shop name :) 3 little pigs...bad wolf :P
    cant wait to visit it to try the piggy dishes :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  9. so cute shop for little angles. i love it


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