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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

How I transitioned from a SAHM to a WAHM

Transitioning from a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom) to a WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom) ain't easy. Everything we do in life comes with peer pressure whether it's stress from work, family, relatives or just your social surroundings. 

However, after months of actively helping out other moms while learning together with other new moms on Facebook mother's support groups. I am finally proud to be able to transition fully into a WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom). It comes with alot of effort, not your simple touch 'n' go nor your simple "interview, discuss package, sign contract, probation, daily duty".

What I do as a WAHM? I do property write-ups & photography on monthly basis, data entry by project basis and online biz.
Did I mention that I had to look after my family welfare & expenses, cook occasionally, clean the house, look after the baby (fully breastfeeding & direct latch 6mths and continuing - hopefully till 2 yrs) and I also manage a Parenting page where I put up infos on parenting.

Besides this, I also help other moms/parents whenever a concern is raised on any groups I'm attached to in Facebook, if I have the answer to help enlighten their path, I'll do my best to supply them with the information I have. Basically, I like to help other moms out. What better way to spend some 1 or 2 minutes to help others?
Image Copyrights of May Tan

How do I juggle all these? Simple, I joined a group on Facebook and the admin "May" was really helpful! This group is slowly becoming a group of successful WAHM that started of with just a group of simple SAHM (~like me). If u really wanna know more, I will highly recommend you to get the ebook from her, it's really good and informative! It's where I learned the secrets to working-from-home without getting myself involved in any "Work from home" scam jobs. She even listed up to 33 work from home opportunities that is legit for u to explore!

Image Copyrights of May Tan

I swear by her ebook that it is helpful and straight to the point, doesn't take u in circles like other books out there. Best of all it's affordable! But the returns are very rewarding. From May's guidance and advises I have manage to earn my first payment in April and I now generate a decent small income on a monthly basis. Not only that, I am able to also source suppliers in Malaysia that are reliable and provides a large inventory of items that is of good quality and affordable pricing especially when it comes to baby products/household/maternity/pregnancy. My testimony is featured on the page because I am proof that working from home for us mothers can be done. You just need to start somewhere and continue to strive through it and time management. May's ebook will give you full details on that.

My Testimonial on May's page

So if u're thinking to be a SAHM or wanna be a WAHM, then get the ebook to guide you further, I've already gotten one even though with May's advise on FB helped me. The ebook can do even more than that, it is now my living breathing ebook guide that I carry on my mobile everywhere I go for light re-reading (there's 169 pages btw)

Get the book here :

At the end of the day, I am still a daughter, a wife & a mother first. 
Everything else I do is secondary. 

Even if I had to choose both family & work, my family will always comes first no matter what.


Leona Lim said...

working at home seems like a dream job but it's definitely not easy, on my off days at home i'd find that I can hardly find time to do anything productive, time passes so fast when you're trying to do everything in the house

Kylie wenn said...

Which ever kind of mums they are, mums just want the best for their kids! Interesting sharing!~

Jacqueline Khoo said...

This book look interesting ya! My dream also is become full time mother but with Work At Home Mum <3 Let's gambateh

Sherlyn Goh said...

I want to get that book! I want to become a mother but I want to have my own income as well! now I know what to do! hhe. thanks for sharing!

Fong Jun Jie said...

Oh well reading always bring so much benefit to one's life! Keep it up!

henry tan said...

haha thats good isnt it, you get to spend time with your kids at the same time too!

Gillian Ong said...

I respect mums no matter what kind they are, I think you did a great job and your kids will definately appreaciate you more for that ! :)

Isabel Lee said...

Definitely tough to juggle but glad you found a group to support you! Respect for WAHMs

Angelynn Tan said...

Well, I can't say I ever thought of becoming a mom, moreover a stay at home or work at home mum. Someone else might just read your post and find inspiration in you! Keep going and keep inspiring others! :D

Hanniz Envato said...

It's not easy working n handling family affairs but working from home offers the flexibility which is great. You can also check out how to be a virtual assistant at

alizasara said...

Might decide to buy the book once I'm pregnant maybe. Teehee. Good Read ;)

Salma Tayo said...

i've been wanting to be a wahm but couldn't figure up what job that i wanted to do at home. Thanks for recommending the ebook. I would really check it out.

Kelly Chua said...

Wow great idea .I will surely keep this in mind until the day I became someone's mother :)