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Wednesday 12 May 2021

ArtVenture with Sarah Playdough Review

 I'm so excited to share with you about this! Seeing as we're all pretty much in at home for awhile now and for god knows how long more. With all the hustle and bustle out there, we definitely wanna keep our babies safe at home! But all those young-one energy that is just ready to burst and explode, because they can't go to school or they can't go to the mall or even to the park anymore! To be honest, I feel sad for my children because they don't know what fun they are gonna miss out on! That's why I have to up my game and bring fun indoors, prevention better than cure!

With so many business owners and entrepreneurs revamping their game-plan out there. One mommy, Ms Sarah who is a dedicated art tutor that works with little creative minds everyday, has also transitioned things online. And I gotta say, since MCO (Movement Control Order) happened in 2020 across Malaysia, I didn't think further and got some homemade playdough kits for my boys to be creative at home.

I am one mom who dislike messy playtimes, that's why I was on the fence on playdoughs and the thought of my child putting it into their mouth is horrifying. Nevertheless, I took my chances with ArtVenture with Sarah's Playdough kits because I know Sarah and her passion for art and with kids is beyond boundary! Therefore I trust my kids with her kits! (Cool! It rhymes hehe)

Just look at my kids having a go at the Space Play Dough! Who said space should be all alien looking and scary when it can be this cute!

And when it was time to explore the other side of the world, the Ocean Life Activity Kit, which took awhile for me to open this up because of my kids ever-changing interest. But even I had some fun with the playdough myself!

I love these because they are made with food grade ingredients, non-chemical nor toxic. Hence it is safe in general and naturally, I don't have to worry so much and age myself over such matters. So if you are looking for some kinda help to keep your sanity whilst keep your child entertained. Please for your own good health, get this for your children!

Visit ArtVenture with Sarah - Kids Creativity

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