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Tuesday 19 January 2021

Wearing My Baby My Way with Mamaway

I love the headline of this article. Because it is personalized to suit me and my baby. As a mother of 3, with 3 kids day in and day out even from home during MCO, it can be extra tiring. But it is also a blessing in disguise. 

Let me take you down memory lane abit. Since MCO started in Malaysia, kids couldn't go out as frequent anymore. It was just no longer normal. We all hopes that the situation will get better but little did we know, many have underestimated the consequences of Covid-19 and well, many were affected. Which led to many extended versions of MCO, CMCO and EMCO... It's Movement Control Order aka Lockdown in Malaysia. So what does that have to do with wearing my baby?

Well, since we have been home everyday, my kids has been ever clingy on me. Especially my little girl Ashley who turned one last year. When I do the laundry, clean the house, cook, even watching TV, she wants to stick with me. Just like a koala bear!

Luckily I have lots of love for babywearing and was grateful to be able to experience many types of babywearing in my motherhood journey. 

So today I'll share about MamaWay RingSling that took my heart away when I saw the beautiful colors. Especially the Rainbow Sweetheart! I only just lately learned how to wear a RingSling and wondered how come I never learnt how to do it earlier! It is so convenient to just sling your baby like a kangaroo!

Difference is, you sling them correctly! Like for me here during Christmas I brought them to the neighborhood mall just behind my place to grab groceries and let the kids pick their presents at Toys'R'Us. Because we were in the Controlled Movement Control Order where lots of regulations been relaxed but still basic new norm SOP is a must. Therefore, still must wear mask, sanitize and stay 1 meter apart from strangers and no touch rules apply, especially for my kids.

Apart from this, we also went for several staycations in the city and in another state before the numbers went crazy!! But prior to that, we only stayed indoor most of the times. One of it was just a short distance from our place but I love this hotel the most, Best Western at i-City. I do plan to go back again because it's the nearest yet cosiest hotel that my kids love. Their food is amazing too! And I can babywear my baby all day in the MamaWay RingSling!

I took several close-ups too on how to properly wear your baby. You can wear it in your own way or fashion or style but make sure you get the basics right. I ain't a professional but I know I'm getting close. The good thing is, it is adjustable. You can view the video below to see some of the upclose shots on the basic positioning to have. 

YES! Babywearing from home is an essential! You need this to keep your sanity in tact, especially if you have a clingy cranky toddler/infant/baby that requires your attention 24/7! Sometimes my baby just wants to hold me tight, it is their way of feeling secure in this big big world you brought them into. So don't be too quick to judge those who carry their child. Because when they grow up, it will be too late to want to just snuggle them tight!

If you wanna know more about babywearing, you can always look up online or if you wanna know more about the MamaWay brand and its offerings, especially the RingSling right here; 

You can visit

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