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Tuesday 8 October 2019

Thrillin' Spooky Fun Festival at KidZania KL

Yes! Halloween is here and it's time to scare these lil kids of ours! Haha! Okay, jokes aside, it is Halloween time and it's the time when ghouls, ghosts and sinister creatures reportedly come out to play.

From 1st October to 1st November, families can look forward to a host of eerie and hair-raising activities at KidZania Kuala Lumpur's Spooky Fun Festival. This includes a Midnight Hour challenge that will have visitors searching for the antidote to a zombie virus outbreak!!

You can also prep your kids to get ready for the thrill of 'Trick or Treat's amidst the spooky atmosphere as KidZania has pulled out all the stops to create a ghastly Halloween experience filled with family-friendly activities that is not just for kids but adults as well. From 30th October to 1st November 2019, the signature Family & Friends edition where adults will get a chance to role-play at selected establishments to complete spooky challenges alongside their lil ones together! Great bonding moments amongst parents and children!

That's not all! This year's Spooky Fun Festival will have three levels of scare to cater to different age demographics namely Daylight for younger kids, Moonlight for older kids and Midnight for Family & Friends edition.

Spooky Fun Festival Highlights include :

Scary Maze in front of the Bananana! Theatre
Venture into the Scary Maze at your own risk and complete a challenge that will guarantee your escape.

Yucky FrankenBeebop's Brain Activity at Ghastly Alley (Radio Alley)
Pick the brains of good ol' FrankenBeebop for a series of fun challenges.

Vita Witch's Brew at Ghastly Alley (Radio Alley)
Create the perfect witches' brew with bats and witches' hat.

Bekha's Mummy Wrap at Ghastly Alley (Radio Alley)
Mummies Alive! Get a chilling taste of the mummification process with this wrap and race activity.

China's Black Cat Bowling at Ghastly Alley (Radio Alley)
Test your luck on the Black Cat superstition and strike out in a fun game of bowling.

Vampire Urbano Pin-Up at Ghastly Alley (Radio Alley)
Have a fang-tastic time piercing the vampire without the use of your sight.

Trick-or-Treat All Around Town
What's Halloween without Trick-or-Treat? Crack your way through riddles and quizzes to collect delicious treats!

Family & Friends Edition of Spooky Fun Festival activities are : 

Bache's Halloween Treat at Ghastly Alley (Radio Alley)
Dig into the Jack O' Lantern and find as many creepy critters as you can

What's In The Box Challenge at the TV Studio
Only for the brave ones! Face your fears as you wiggle your way through a mysterious box of gruesome treasures.

The Midnight Hour (Family & Friends) along the City Streets (National Store)
Brave through the horrors of The Midnight Hour in search for the antidote to the zombie virus apocalypse that has plagued the city and its inhabitants.

I literally ran out screaming even though the ghastly ghosts, zombies and horrors that was awaiting us inside the Panic Mansion, were not allowed to touch us and we're also not allowed to touch them and we were led by a fairy with a super duper tiny torchlight! Plus having to stop to ask every single ghastly creatures inside for the antidote and also checking to see if it is the RIGHT antidote, if not you have to re-enter again.

Me and my friend Christy were so lucky to have gotten the right antidote on the first attempt and literally walked out really fast and I screamed as I jumped out of the entire area. Hence, for facing my fears we won first place during the Media preview event.

There's also other weekend workshops and establishment activities that your kids will surely enjoy!

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