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Monday 15 May 2017

My Crazy Sinfully Crunchy SPRINGy Popcorn Delight!

Spring time is here! My favorite time of the year! However, in Malaysia it's always Summer (sunshine and rain all year round)...

I've always wanted to experience Spring and Autumn! Since I can't experience it in person, I may as well create Spring from the comfort at my own home! Let me present to you, my crazy sinfully Crunchy Springy Popcorn! 

Basically made out of these few ingredients and whatever I can find at home to enjoy it as is!

The Recipe :
Nutella spread
Cornery Popcorns (Caramel and White Cheese)
Mamee Monster instant noodle snack
Fish pops
Bika Corn Cheese Stick snack
Homemade Cempedak (Jackfruit) Ice Cream Tub (or any ice cream will do)
(OPTIONAL) Some cash, a car and a local venue like "The Skinny Baker" Ice Cream Sandwich shop

Step 1 : Slap that cheese on the bread
(Warning: If your kids love cheese, HIDE it from them! My son stole half my cheese away)
So cheese is now an optional ingredient or whatever that's left...

Step 2 : Spread sinfully unhealthy Nutella
Regardless whoever says what, someone has got to finish those Nutella spreads I accidentally bought in the fridge #truestory

Step 3 : Mix 'em up!
Mamee Monster instant noodle snack, Fish pops, Bika Corn Cheese Stick snack and Popcorns (whatever type you can get your hands on even homemade ones will do well)... Grab them a whole a dunk them in a bowl and just mix 'em up like you just don't care!

Step 4 : Matchmake
Time to matchmake your bread with cheese or Nutella spread with whatever you just mixed up in a bowl. Just match them together and you're good to go!

Step 5 : Indulge!
You can mix them up and eat them like sandwich! Or eat them alternately but separated. How I deal with it? I quickly settle the matchmade sandwich and the leftover mixes I savour as I watch TV! And I enjoy them with "The BOSS Baby" movie, how does it get any better than that!

Step 6 : Leftovers?!
Leftover popcorns goes best with a dash of generous scoops of ice cream! In my case, it will be the Homemade Cempedak (aka Jackfruit) Ice Cream by Minus 4° smallest tub... Just throw those popcorns in, sink your spoon in it, dig and scoop them into your mouth one at a time! Enjoy~!


My son was literally pissed off because I was indulging without him... I had to grab extra cheese from the fridge to pacify him (the whole time!!) from savouring MY crazy sinfully Crunchy Springy Popcorn! Thank God for CHEESE!

Great to let loose and indulge in something different and wild once in awhile afterall I'm a mother of 2 and I LITERALLY DON'T CARE ANYMORE 😂😂😂

Then again, what else is possible?

Ps. The BOSS Baby movie is great! (Until you have to repeatedly watch it on demand for who knows how long and for you-probably-know-who)

On a serious note, if this is not for you then you must try this next idea for a really lipsmacking sinfully tasty Popcorn feast 'tis Spring! The yummy Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies!

Bought this at Subang Parade, The Skinny Bakers. Malaysia's First Ice Cream Sandwich store!

Truly a work of art! Great for Springtime AND especially SUMMER! Wheeeeeee~~~

See how carefully these popcorns are delicately placed on the ice cream sandwich cookie!

I just had to grab myself some Oreo ice cream sandwiched between two fat & slightly crunchy but soft & rich chocolate chip cookies with some popcorns to style with!

Every bite takes you back to your childhood (even though these kinda stuffs never existed in your childhood) but you get the drill!

This springy popcorn treat was in-part inspired by SkinnyPop and all of their different flavored popcorn!

Have a fun Springy Spring time!
(I wished Malaysia's whacked out weather will just magically turn to "just" Spring instead of scorching sun and freaky chilly rains in a day!)


  1. Omg thats really creatige ways in serving and eating pop corns. I should try the one with bread one day haha. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Oh mercy.. those are some super creative ways on eating popcorns.. not sure if I would though... Heheh

  3. OMG! You just made me so hungry! Especially the Malaysian Ice Cream Sandwich! They're so tempting. :)

  4. Wow many style yer you ear popcorn. I can try like eat with ice cream

  5. Wow many style yer you ear popcorn. I can try like eat with ice cream

  6. Interesting recipe, maybe I should try it too, yum :)


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