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Saturday 18 March 2017

HANIL UV Sterilizer Malaysia Review

HANIL (since 1964) originated from Korea has over 50 years of advanced R&D dedicated to it's products with assurance of uncompromised Quality! The HANIL UV Sterilizer is 100% Made in Korea, a premium quality product that features an All-In-One solution for every household, hospitals, clinics and other hygiene ease of usage.

With their recent winning awards (TWO awards) in Singapore, all the more reason to invest in this!

Sterilizer comes in all shapes and sizes. But to the majority, it's value, benefit and features are not widely known unless one were to explore further into available sterilizers in the market.

Like me, I used to sterilize the traditional method with boiling water and soak or rinse. However, I personally acknowledge that it is not entirely the best method in today's world with the air pollution and the water pollution, it's time consuming and unless you have a really good water filter system it's "okay" but still it's not entirely "clean". My son's Tupperware still gets moldy even through the traditional soak and rinse boiling water sterilizing method.

HANIL UV Sterilizer launched late 2016 in Malaysia, brought me to a new perspective on sterilization and drying. I never really bothered much about machines like this because I would think that it's just temporary because I don't use baby bottles (BreastFeeding on demand), is it really necessary, kids grow really fast and etc... Basically these are "EXCUSES" that's quite common among most mother's.

With HANIL UV Sterilizer, with its aesthetic sleek and modern space saving design, the "soft-open" door, it's low energy consumption, easy maintenance, "All-In-One Dry, Sterilize & Store" and single touch ease of usage has truly revolutionize the meaning of sterilization with ease at the comfort of your own home.

This amazing machine is fitted with DUAL (2) OSRAM (Italy) UV lamps for sterilizing/sanitizing uses only UV rays (no heat) for baby bottles, pacifiers, food containers, Tupperwares, toys, even remote control or battery operated toys or gadgets that your baby just love to play with (only non-living items, please don't put in anything that's "alive"). Sterilization only takes 10 minutes and it eliminates 99.9% of household bacterias while the patented 3M HEPA Filter blocks up to 99.97% of airborne dust and particles, keeping your family safe. All you gotta do is just put dry accessories/toys/tools in, press the "Sterilization" button and go about and do your thing.

It is also equipped with Dr.Fischer (France) Infrared lamp that dries on low heat (48° degrees) for 30 minutes (even battery operated toys also can benefit from this function) and best of all, the HANIL UV Sterilizer Dryer acts as a storage unit where every 2 hours it will auto sterilize for 2 minutes.

Watch the video here : (Video of product is currently sold in SG for quite awhile now, only recently brought in to MY)

The One-Touch simplicity:
Auto - Dries for 30 minutes & Sterilize for 10 minutes, total 40 minutes.
Sterilization - Sterilize for 10 minutes.
Storage - Sterilize for 2 minutes every 2 hours in storage mode.

Parts are easily changeable with an English manual provided inbox and the best part is the machine is totally silent when it's in use.

It's consumption is really cost-efficient as it uses at max 50 watts where else other sterilizer will require atleast 500watts or so. So it saves electricity gat the same time provides you with the best quality of ease of functionality and results!

This is now being sold at RM1299 + FREE 1 set of Replacement Parts (worth RM150)!

You can place your orders at :

Please also be wary of your purchase online especially via 3rd party channels. Some sellers sell cheaper because it may be imported from Korea itself. You must always check the model number behind the machine that states "MY" and the instructions on the device is in English and not in Korean. Also the plug point is Malaysian 3-pin plug point. It's best to get the made for Malaysia unit (model code ends with "MY") in order for your warranty and parts support. Best Baby Essentials are the Sole Authorised Distributor in Malaysia for HANIL UV Sterilizer.

Visit HANIL Malaysia Facebook for more updates!
Again, you can also place your orders at :


  1. Awesome update 👍

  2. nampak sangat mudah digunakan, worth to buy! harga pun boleh tahan..

  3. This is good move. We should use this not just babies but also our day to day cutlery too.

  4. Was looking for this few months ago, thanks for sharing! :) now I know where to purchase

  5. This looks great but wow costs quite a bomb. Maybe if someone gave me it I might consider..

  6. Nice,
    We are also manufacturer and supplier of All kinds of Autoclaves and Sterilizers so we reached your amazing blog.


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