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Tuesday 2 September 2014

The Sims 4 : Collector's Edition Review

Finally gotten my hands on The Sims 4 Collector's Edition! Was tempted to get the Premium Edition for a difference of RM50 but I decided to go big! Afterall in 2 months time all my spendings will be meant for my child and no longer for me.
I dislike it when people try to comment that I'm gonna be a mummy soon, why am I buying all this! Hey! That does not mean we can't have wants & needs. Plus I've saved up my own money just to get this since the day they announced it like last year. I admit I wanted to bribe my husband to get it for me to replace my Xmas 2014 & Anniversary 2015 present. However, I decided to purchase it with my own cash instead. PLUS, I am not like some other mummy or girls in particular that SPENDS loads of cash on unwanted make-up, shoes & clothes of every freaking' season an style! I only spend it on The Sims & other worthy-games THAT can be played by everyone of all walks-of-life of all-ages!!
Then again, I dislike it just because I'm now a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mum) it doesn't give anyone the right to categorise me as a "very free" person! Is just unfair. I have to do the laundry, cook and prepare for the baby's arrival. It may seem easy so why don't u try it! Some jealous-pricks!

This is the only chance I get to be my own self because when the baby arrives, mentally and physically. There will be almost zero "me" time and 99% baby time 1% hubby time. Do not for once "assume" being a mother and a wife at the same time is an easy task. And we don't get paid, mind you dim-wits!

Okay, basically enough ranting. Here's The Sims 4 game loading up. It's great I don't need to download and install all the additional gameplay stuffs like how The Sims 3 was. Everything is installed and loaded on its own. So all the trophy's I've collected from owning The Sims 3 full merchandise, I manage to get the ultimate trophy.

Loading up this game is really a breeze. And I don't even need to place the CD inside the PC for the game to run. I just need to login to Origin to play though. I haven't tried going offline because I'm always connected.

This is a "WooHoo" screenshot of the couple that I was randomly playing around with. It's not too loud or obvious anymore, no kinky music in the background. Kinda mellow and the love popping was kinda cute. Even when you select "Try For Baby" in The Sims 3 you can hear a musical sound that signals the success of it. In The Sims 4, haven't heard any signals of success. I guess it's really trial & error.

The well-known kissing scene.

The thing about The Sims 4 is every Sims has their own character but what they have in common is, they are always finding a way to check or play with their Tablets/Smartphone! So much like in real life and it gets pretty annoying too! Plus, they even multi-task. Like in the screenshot above, the guy is talking to her while she is checking her Tablet.

This is the main Sims that I've created before purchasing The Sims 4. Created these two lovebirds when they launched The Sims 4 Create-A-Sim Demo free on Origin like 2 weeks ago.
And thank God, my Sims haven't gotten the hang of selfies or wefies. I still have to select "Take a Picture Together" for this to happen. I haven't really checked if I could view the picture taken on the Smartphone though... Hmmm...

That's my look-a-like (not really), but she behaves somewhat like me. On the PC, blogging.

That's my hubby look-a-like (not really), but he behaves like my hubby. Active in sports and chubby at the same time loving.

Like I said, he's chubby and she's pregnant! 2nd Trimester too, although my belly now in real-life kinda looks like that but I'm already in my 3rd Trimester. 

And this is how my lovely sims sleep at night. Also the same as how me & my hubby sleeps at night lolx~! Facing each other, having a face-to-face snoring competition every single night!

 My Sim reaching 3rd trimester and daddy Sim is talking to her pregnant belly.

 While gardening she feels the baby coming~!

 He's happy he's heading to the hospital though his Pre-Parental Panic haven't begun yet lolx...

 She on the other hand is feeling very uncomfortable at the hospital cos she's having a baby!!
I can't follow them to the hospital (there's no hospital in town!!) but atleast I can see their priceless reaction & emotions lolx...

 I guess this is how the baby arrives in The Sims 4

 Yay, they're back!! In The Sims 4, if u've bought the "Baby Bassinet" already, the baby will automatically show up inside it once the parents are home from labour. However, if not the parents will bring the baby home with the bassinet together. It'll probably pop-up somewhere in your sims lot.

 This is the "Baby Bassinet" already pre-purchased and the baby girl in it. U can't select the baby sim to check it's mood/needs and whatsoever like The Sims 3. That option is practically locked. U can however, watch the background mood of the baby picture on your control pad below the screen and listen for baby crying. So it's really like real life. U gotta trial & error!! But don't neglect!

Mummy can breastfeed babies in The Sims 4!! That is awesome news!! Though u can't actually see the action happening because it will be pixel-ed out! I wonder if breastfeeding and bottle feeding might affect how the baby sims will grow up to be? Oh, and like real life, even when mummy sim was pregnant right up till 3rd trimester she is still working "no more" additional day off for being pregnant! But what I dislike most is she just gave birth to her baby, she atleast gotta have like a few days time-off work?! She had to go to work after she came home from the hospital! That is not in real life! Real life, u get maternity leave and if u don't, u get to SUE! Unless, u're in some messed up sick country/state/company with no sense of humanity... 
(Are there really such sick country around that has to maternity leave for the mummy? I have no idea, I pray to God that there should not be one. It's just so wrong...)

I think that's all for now. Haven't gone much to experience the others. Has quite a few new career options too. But not sure if it changes by day. Haven't tried following them to work either. I can't seem to pin-point my sims whereabouts when they head to work/hospital. It's like The Sims 1 all-over again.

Oh but some cheats worth mentioning :
Shift + CTRL + C : Open cheat box
help : shows the default cheat codes
testingcheats on/off : to use, "shift + left click" to see additional options to "fill needs (world/household)", "enable needs to decay (world/household)", "disable needs to decay (world/household)". U can also do that for each individual sim to "make happy", "modify sims in CAS", "add sims to household" & also has a "reset (debug)" options. That's pretty much all this cheat can do.
freerealestate on/off : do this when you wanna move ur sims into a lot but u don't have sufficient funds for it. The estate will be free! U just pay for "Furnished/Unfurnished".
kaching : Adds 1,000 simoleons into your household
motherlode : Adds 50,000 simoleons into your household

I can't seem to find the cheat for making friends but I decided to do without it for now and enjoy the game without cheats! There's gonna be lotsa updates, added items and expansions in future so I'll save all the cheats experimenting for later.

What's great about this game is, it does not "lag" as bad as The Sims 3 does, the interface is really smooth! The best part is the loading/saving/exiting game time takes less than 1 minute!!

Oh, this baby right here about the size of my palm lights up when plugged into the USB port. The lights changes colour while I'm playing The Sims 4 mimicking the current mood of my selected Sim then. I haven't tested it out with The Sims 3 though haha. Maybe some other time, when I am free.

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