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Sunday 18 October 2009

Yoyo The Clown

Malaysia's very own "YoYo The Clown"! You'll see him at parties, functions, events and Genting Highlands! Today Sebrinah will bring you with an exclusive interview with "YoYo The Clown"! Here goes...

It was 2.15pm when Sebrinah reached the doorstep of "Yoyo The Clown", a friendly guy, filled with enthusiasm, fun and laughter. Always cracking up jokes every now and then and never stops being down-to-earth all at the same time.

Sebrinah: Good afternoon, Yoyo! It's a pleasure meeting you!
Yoyo : Afternoon to you too young lady and pleasure meeting you too.

Sebrinah : I was amazed by the Mardi Gras Parade last seen on Sunday, 12th July 2009 at Genting Highlands! I was awed in excitement and who did it? I mean who came up with the idea?
Yoyo : Genting Highlands of course. I did help out bringing in the people to for the performances like the Magical Clown Show, Fire Dance Show, Mascot Stage Show and the list goes on (chuckles)

Sebrinah : (laughs) Amazing! AND the list goes on? Such as? I'm interested, tell us more, it's always good to know!
Yoyo : (grins) Well I had people to come in to dress up in rainbow-coloured costumes, masquerade masks, clowns putting on cheeky faces, stilt walkers, magicians, fire-eating tribal groups (my favourite) and characters from 1001 Nights of Arabia.

Sebrinah : Wow! No wonder the parade was lively and colorful AND exciting! I mean, Genting always comes up with fabulous ideas over the years and this is one parade worth mentioning! I'm lucky to interview you right at this moment! You're Genting Highlands very own clown, aren't you?
Yoyo : Well, I've been with Genting Highlands for 8 - 9 years now and it just keeps getting better (chuckles)

Sebrinah : And it's great to know that too! But 8 - 9 years?! How long have you been in this business?
Yoyo : In Malaysia, 16 years and overseas 11 years.

Sebrinah : A total of 27 years and how did it began?
Yoyo : I actually started at the International Shrine Clown Association (ISCA) of North America since 1983. I was also a member at the NorthEast Shrine Clown Association (NESCA) and I belong to The Northern Clowns of Cairo Temple, Rutland VT.

Sebrinah : So how long did you live abroad and decided to come to Malaysia to make it big here?
Yoyo : I lived in Vermont for 11 years or so, volunteering with the Shriners, helping out at charity for 22 hospitals for children before moving back home to Malaysia in the 90s.

Sebrinah : When you came back to Malaysia, your first job was Genting Highlands?
Yoyo : (laughs) No, not really. You see, the moment I came back to Malaysia, there wasn't much talent in the clowning business here. So I started the balloon sculpture until today and worked in some hotels like Putra Jaya Marriot Hotel, Sunway Lagoon, Sunway Pyramid, parties, functions, private and company events and now Genting Highlands. 

Sebrinah: That's great! And tell us, besides the clown and balloon sculpture, are there anything else that helped you expand your business in Malaysia?
Yoyo : Of course (grins), I love to help scout for entertainers like mentioned above such as the magicians, clowns, mimes, santa clause, God Of Prosperity, stilt walkers, diablo performers and all kinds of artists.

Sebrinah : What's your specialty in all that?
Yoyo : Balloon sculpture (smiles). I can make all kinds of balloons at special requests. It takes time and money but it's worth it. I can make a dragon so real, you might just want to put in on display and try not to burst it (laughs)

Sebrinah : (laughs) That is amazing! Well tell me more about Mardi Gras Parade. I mean besides the people what about the props?
Yoyo : Besides supplying most of the entertainers for Genting, I lliase a lot with them (Genting) and supply most of the costumes because we make them ourselves even the make up is done by us and trainings I will provide at the same time.

Sebrinah : Cool! You're like an all-rounder! It's great to know. Besides Mardi Gras Parade, other events that we can spot you in?
Yoyo : (chuckles) We have events, Diablo events and we even get a group to train the public free-of-charge (FOC). Students will flock by whenever it's a school holiday and they will come and will be eager to learn the Diablo.

Sebrinah : Diablo? You caught me there. I'm clueless, fill me in?
Yoyo : (laughs) Well I won't be surprised. You see, Diablo is a chinese yo-yo also known as "Chě Líng", we get performers from Malaysia to come to Genting Highlands and compete and the Best performance and selected participants gets to go to Taiwan, China to win competition and prizes. Some are even hired by Genting Highland to come and perform during the festival and holiday season and all the best players will group on 2 days.

Sebrinah : 2 days? Is it soon? What's the update from Genting Highlands this coming holiday?
Yoyo : (smiles) You guessed it right, it was Genting's innovative idea to have this Diablo competition for social purposes known worldwide many many years ago and this will be the first "National Diablo Competition" in Genting Highlands for Malaysians.

Sebrinah : The first! This is exclusive! Tell us more!
Yoyo : (laughs) Well, it's just around the corner. On the 19th - 20th December 2009, the "National Diablo Competition" will be official held at Genting Highlands and we expect up to 80 participants all over Malaysia during this 2 day event. There'll be qualified judges and I'm doing my part to help out in this event as much as I can for Genting Highlands.

Sebrinah : You sure work hard! Genting Highlands is so lucky to have you on their side. And I realize time is almost up when we're "chatting" (giggles). It's so great to meet you and a wonderful experience it is!
Yoyo : (chuckles) You're pretty much exciting yourself. It's great to meet you too.

Sebrinah : Why thank you. I think I'll be headed back for now. I hope to very much hear more of you and the happenings and buzz in Genting Highlands.
Yoyo : You're welcome and same with Ratianda. Keep me posted on the latest updates (smiles).

Sebrinah : Thanks again.

Hey guys! It's me Sebrinah. I hope you all enjoyed this interview spot! I hope to bring you more! Well, do look out for it!

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