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Friday, 18 November 2016

Jalan Jalan Japan @ One City USJ 25

Just yesterday as I was browsing Facebook, I stumbled upon Mommy Jane's latest post. So I decided to check it out. Much to my delight, it was about this hot new place that's having their Grand Opening today (18th Nov 2016) at One City USJ 25.

Jalan Jalan Japan, all of Japan Preloved items sold here! It is known that the Japanese look after stuffs with proper care. Hence, most of the items here are in almost good condition!

The ladies section was crazy! The whole floor downstairs from the entrance to almost the other end are layers and layers of ladies wear!

The baby & kids section were spread out downstairs and upstairs. But good enough to entice me to come by again.

The hobbies section had a good mix of instruments, exercise equipments, camping stuffs, surfing, sports and even travelling luggages. (Spotted 1 travel trolley luggage for RM5)

Then there's the other sections where we can put our kids at to play and moms and breastfeed their babies! What's even better is there's a fitting room for us ladies to try to our hearts content.

There's also furniture and comic books plus so much more.

The gents aren't left out. Right above the cashier is where the gents section is. Clothing, jackets, pants, jeans and etc. (No Preloved underwear spotted, yet... Ahaha)

I zoomed in on a few of these. The adjustable baby cot that swings only costs RM30 to RM50! A new one easily costs RM1000! Non-branded but works just the same. My son had his fun playing with the mini push cars (ranged from RM10 to RM30 each) Unfortunately, I did not purchase anything today. The Q was almost crazy after lunch. I'll come back again and then we'll see if I want to energetically get something from this huge Preloved outlet from Japan.


  1. Great bargain! I would love to check this out one day.

  2. Oh man. I was planning to come here, until I forget that I was actually planning one. I've heard the review and it makes me feel so excited to come here.

  3. so cool I love thrift shopping this is perfect for me :)


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