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Thursday, 15 October 2015

My Malacca Hidden Gems!

Having been to Malacca over the years for a couple of times, have made this place like my 2nd home! Also because of the amazing food choices here!!

I always go on an empty stomach and come home with a big stomach filled with delicacies & cuisines from Malacca!

So today, I'll introduce some of the best hidden gems in Malacca 
(mostly tourist area, but some you've probably never heard before!)

For hotel(s) accommodation, activities & attractions for your holiday in Malacca;

and more to come... Stay tuned!


Miriam Goh said...

This calls for a ROAD TRIP to Malacca! Definitely a place full of good food

wernling tan said...

My last visit to Jonker street was 2 years back, hidden gems, this is so worth to check it out ASAP! :))

Isaac Tan said...

jonker street.. lets go again tonight! D:

Liberty said...

Never been! Looks good though :)