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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Juice Works @ Tropicana City Mall (Worth Book)

The weather is hot and sunny (sometimes it's wet & humid... Malaysian tropical weathers...).
But when it gets too sunny outside, your throat just automatically wants you to drink something cooling, sweet and just refreshing!!

So I decided to flip my Worthy Book out for some Juice Works!!

I initially wanted to get the "Buy 1 Free 1" juice voucher, but the terms stated behind only for selected malls listed. Tropicana City Mall was not applicable for that deal. Boo-hoo..!

That did not stop me! I went for the "2nd drink at 50% off!"

I love the Fruitee Cocktail because it's bursting with a medley of fruits including mangoes, strawberries, kiwis, passion fruits, pineapples, lychee, soursop and bananas! That’s right! 8 fruits in 1 healthy fruit smoothie, talk about fruitiness overload! The Fruitee Cocktail delivers a healthy dose of vitamin C, potassium, fibre and so much more! I also love the Lychee Cooler, Lychee Paradise & Mango Sensation!

They suggested me to use the "free membership card from Juice Works" voucher via the Worthy Book, but I was already a member hehe. I'll probably get it for my husband instead hehe...

My total savings from Worthy Book today is RM4.48!
I'm so excited to see what's next on my menu right up till 2016!

Read up more on how much I have saved with this book!

Juice Works @ Tropicana City Mall

Visit their Facebook or Website for more info!


Amelie Yap said...

Aw! i love juice work especially their lychee cooloer! Really cooling after drink

Low Sze Shin said...

Didn't know the Fruitee Cocktail is made up of some many types of fruits.
Seems like worthy book is worthy afterall.

Sharon Lee said...

Always love to order their Juices whenever I saw their shop! =) You should get a membership for your hubby hehe!

Tiffany Lee said...

I love to drink juice but I didnt try Juice work before haha maybe next time XP

Salma Tayo said...

I really need to get that worthy book. So much savings!

Nicholas Ng said...

Should definitely look into getting this workbook. A little goes a long way. 恭喜發財!新年快樂!

inn nich said...

great juice